Sip and Savour 2018!

img-20181014-wa0033Sip and Savour 2018!

So here we are you know who you are, my Generation X peeps!

It’s almost end of year, but didn’t 2018 just begin? Like seriously. I haven’t even begun to change the world and now over 40, I’m considered a “middle adult, who knew that was a thing? I’m only now getting the hang of vaping (if you don’t know what that is, check a Generation Z’ers blog) since my last vacation and the year is almost over.

Summer is done and that means Carnival and its bump and grind festivities have left us either in serious tabanca mode or sheer misery until 2019. So, I have been faced with this dilemma for quite some time, since entering my forties. Wow, that was so scary to type just now and I’m sure a lot of you have too, what in god’s name is there to do now?

Fete season is over…so where does that leave us the grown and sexy folk who still want to party and mingle on this island? I personally have had enough of the palancing and jamming once Carnival is over, (for the love of God done wid da soca!!). My metabolism isn’t what it used to be anymore and I can only take so much DJ screams, push back and “6:30” stances in my peripheral vision.

Last year I was invited to a relatively new event called Sip and Savor, held at the Wadadli Animal Park in Lyon’s Estate; I immediately licked my lips when I was informed this was a wine tasting event, (for me this translated to GROWN AND SEXY AFFAIR). Y’all know I don’t pass up an opportunity to clink my glass with some good wine. I was excited, but much to my dismay I was travelling and missed out.

So this year I decided that I was going hell or high water, and I was dragging my girlfriend with me, who might I add doesn’t get out much but neither do I. So we agreed that we were gonna do this, I could forefeit Netflix and my Firestick for one Sunday (couldn’t I?) YES!! I could, besides I didn’t cook and food was covered in my ticket and it meant that I could dress up and beat my face..lets go!

We arrived at the park around 4:30 pm, the event started promptly at 3 pm but who wants to open the gates? I like being fashionably late…needless to say that I am a shameless Antiguan as I had absolutely no idea where this venue was! I was however, pleasantly surprised when we arrived to see a large number of vehicles parked in a sloped field, I thought, “Dear God this may actually not be a waste of my Netflix time”.

As we got out of our vehicle my girlfriend is fussing over what shoes she should change into, meanwhile, I just wanna get my wine on! So we’re tagged and taxied up the massive hill (And thank goodness for that, Cause I’m not really about that life.  Upon entering the event, we were greeted by the soft serene stylings of Lacu Samuel’s steelpan. I thought, “This event has potential, definitely my kind of thing.

To set the scene, there were myriad tents throughout the area, each hosting different wine vendors and finger foods, (did I mention there was Sushi?…(Well will ya look at God!). The venue was already a nature park so the serene relaxing feel to it wasn’t that hard to achieve, park benches with patrons eating and relaxing had already been filled, and the draped coloured décor and stringed lights gave a soft ambiance to the day.

Paintings of various birds adorned the trees as we walked in, (again I’m shameless, so not sure if these were always there, or only for the event, but they were cute). We were like new kids on the block trying to feel our way around not really knowing where to start, this was our first time. I felt as if our parents dropped us off to daycare and now we were forced to survive until pickup time, but we got this!


Our first stop was the Saki Bar, hosted by Quin Farara, I knew once Quin and Lisa Farara were there this was going to be epic! And sure enough, when we got to the bar they had three different types of Saki and a Saki Sangria (Jesus sang to me.) We didn’t need to make a choice Saki Sangria it was and boy was it delicious! After we wolfed down the Saki Sangria we met a few acquaintances along the way, engaged in some much needed “catch up conversation” before realizing that everyone seemed to have a plate of food except us.

We began our line up at one of the tents for some delicious nibbles, much to our disappointment though we didn’t get as much as we anticipated. I’m thinking maybe we were a little too late and the nibbles at that tent ran out early, but that didn’t kill our spirit we were determined to find more food. We showed up at the desert station which had a variety of delicious sweet treats, they got me with the apple pie bites and caramel flan so I was already sold! (in the back of my mind I thought, it’s a good thing I’m going on a 7 day cleanse this week). “Damn these calories”

We later ventured off to the other side of the park where we saw other people lining up, and then the MC (Kenny Nibbs) introduced a young violinist from Barbados by the name of Wesley Morris on stage. I remembered seeing him on the flyer prior to and thinking (dear god please don’t let that violinist put us all to sleep). I had to literally eat my words, this 21 year old violinist was absolutely fantastic! People just couldn’t stop watching him, in no time everyone was at the front of the stage, his talent was simply amazing. I mean he played from Ed Sheeran to Machel Montana and many other artists, making us forget that we were hungry.

We realized that he was going to be playing for a while so we took a break and lined up again at a different tent that served heartier food, which was what we needed after more Saki and wine, “Ooh and we found more Sangria at another location as well” Once we ate our yummy pasta and seafood rice, we were back in front of the stage letting Wesley Morris soak into our veins.

I noticed that this was the type of event a lot of people our age (the Generation X folks) and Baby Boomers yearned for, everyone looked so happy to be out on a Sunday afternoon all dressed up, relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere. There was no loud DJ screaming, no Millenials with their hands on the ground, no one under the age of 30! We had finally found our calling! Sip and Savour gave everyone what they were looking for; serenity, relaxation, food, wine, conversation, entertainment, and most of all good clean fun.

As Morris played his very last set, while hunting for the last drop of Saki at Quin’s stall and swindling a glass of Moscato from a bartender, it was finally time to go! WHAT? Sigh…this cannot be; the day is over? For us it was, my girlfriend had to get home to her family and me, well, I just had to get home before I drank more wine than necessary!

Sip and Savour definitely met my expectations as a fairly new event. And I think that next year it will be even better, there are however, some areas that could use a bit of tweaking. Board menus on the outside of the tents so patrons can be aware of what’s available before lining up, more glasses, I also think that some more local entertainment should end the night, possibly some Asher Otto to end on a sultry party vibe. Antiguan’s party weird, I have been saying this for years, we just stand around and look at each other rather than get on with the show, sweat is good for the body, dancing doesn’t hurt and neither does a little Sip!

I know this was a little long, (but that’s how I do sometimes). I’m doing the most, let me do it!
sip and sav2



3 thoughts on “Sip and Savour 2018!

  1. Congrats on your first post, Erica! It was a great read. I enjoyed Sip & Savour and would definitely go next year. You captured the essence of it all.

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