Battle of the Cleanse! (my 7 day journey)

So here lies the truth about “green smoothies”; they can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare! After my vacation mid summer, as any foodie would understand, I returned home with possibly 7lbs of crab legs inside my body (don’t judge me). I was on vacation for crying out loud!


One day, a colleague of mine sent me a flyer via WhatsApp for a 10-day cleanse she was about to partake in. At first, I thought it was a good idea (then I thought awwww hell naw….no food for 10 days? I can’t subscribe to this foolishness). Eventually, I made a visit to the smoothie shop in my neighbourhood to enquire about this cleanse, where I met the very knowledgeable and professional owner, Nadia of Blendz Smoothie Bar.

 After having a conversation with her I decided “Yes, I’m gonna do this”. Shortly after our conversation she launched the 7-day cleanse and I jumped on it. I was absolutely ready to wrangle with seven days of the smoothie beast (playin my damn self!).

I actually chose the smoothie and salad option, because “trust” if I only had smoothies, I would not be alive to tell this tale. So everyday, for the next seven days, I along with others in a chat group would be at the mercy of Nadia to nourish or starve our bodies! I excitedly went out shopping and purchased all my raw snacks. I quickly bolted with tunnel vision for the cashier in Epicurean, before hearing the cookies and currant roles voices over in the pastry section (I swear they do talk to me).

 Day 1 arrived and I was ready!!! Let’s do this. Our little bag consisted each day of a gallon bottle of green smoothie, a bag of pink Himalayan salt (for your salt water flush every morning), 1 green tea bag, a bottle of water and….(wait, you guys were waiting for something else?) Yeah so was I.

I drank my salt water flush with a dash of lemon juice to cut the taste ( let me get on record to say that this tastes absolutely horrible, but works like clockwork). Excitedly I grabbed my bag full of prepared snacks; a boiled egg, apple slices, almond butter and watermelon, anxious to achieve my new goal. To be honest, the day went great the smoothie was, well, green and snacking wasn’t too bad. I just didn’t have any real food to eat which really played on my emotions. However, I was determined, and I needed to loose this weight and feel better.

Day 2 remained pretty much the same as day 1, I wasn’t feeling as hungry as I thought I would, but the smoothie tasted worse. I really wanted to shove a banana with cinnamon in there and re-blend it but too late, no rectifying the situation. I pushed through day 2 with a pang of extreme hunger. In the evening, a boiled egg and can of tuna in water (raw) became my new BFF’s.



Day 3, however, I took a turn for the worse. It was a SATURDAY! I thought to myself, “Who does this to themselves on a weekend?” (this was worse than animal cruelty). I was irritable, hangry, (hungry as hell) and really wanted to shoot someone as I wasn’t allowed to have coffee at all. I went to work hoping to take my mind off of the Garden Grill’s mac and cheese plate I preferred to be eating. Additionally, I abandoned the salt water flush on day 3 and opted for the dieter’s tea, I was tired of swallowing the ocean.

So we finally approached Day 4 and, needless to say, I felt pretty good. I started seeing results and felt much lighter than I did before. My clothes were also fitting better, I managed to get into a pair of size 6 slacks that had been a little too close for comfort for a minute, and felt quite “chuffed” (that means excited in London slang).

Now I couldn’t wait to get to Day 5 because FOLKS! Let me tell you, this was my worse day EVER!!!! I woke up feeling as if any minute I would reach for the phone to dial 911, (while praying I’d still be alive to even speak). I mean, I literally felt like my body was shutting down. I was sweating profusely, my stomach felt hollow as though I had not eaten for decades, I was terribly weak, my heart was racing, while getting dressed I had to lay on my bed three times to catch my breath. I felt like something was terribly wrong, only to find out from Nadia that this was my “low day”. Apparently, a low day is quite normal, and yours may not be on day 5 like mine, it could be day 3, 4, whatever day it chooses. But guys, when that low day comes, believe a sista, be afraid, be very afraid!

 On day 6 I was convinced that Emily Rose had taken over my body and that I was demon possessed the day before, because why on earth am I so damn happy and chirpy? As if this horrible phenomenon didn’t just happen to me 24 hours ago? I felt great, I was even less hungry than before, and had no after effects of the feeling I had on day 5. My smoothie tasted delicious on this day, and the salad’s condiments were ramped up! I was finally near the finish line, and I could see my doubles from Trinidad in the freezer slowly getting naked for me, then I thought to myself; do I even still want them? I’ve come this far. Time will tell.

“Well would ya look at God”. we finally made it to day 7! I felt almost nostalgic when it arrived. I couldn’t believe the journey was now over, and it was back to reality and promising myself to finally stay on the wagon again. I was sad but happy at the same time, because now it meant that I had to really buckle down on my diet and nutrition choices again. Time to reject the talking cookies in Epicurean, looking the other way when at The Larder’s desert section, and telling my favourite Oreo cookies that we need some space in our relationship.

I was even more happy when my weigh in came that morning to discover that I lost a total of 7lbs! I have actually reached my goal weight now, so imagine if I did the 10-day cleanse. Would I do it again? Most definitely! Maybe next time around I’ll brave the 10-day storm and see what happens, till then I have to make it through Pumpkin Spice and Ham and Turkey season, stay tuned guys!


If you are interested in doing the green smoothie cleanse, please contact:
Nadia Peters (772-9705) FB Page: Blendz IG Page: blendz_on_the_go

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3 thoughts on “Battle of the Cleanse! (my 7 day journey)

  1. Girl you had me rolling in my office…don’t get me wrong, I am proud of you but I could see your facial expressions and hear your voice as I read the words…loving this blog Erica…I look forward to every post…xx

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  2. Girl I am so loving your blog…this piece had me rolling in my office…don’t get me wrong I am so proud of you for completing the cleanse you are I stronger woman than I am lol…but I could hear your voice and see your facial expressions while I read the words…lolol….looking forward to your next piece….

    Liked by 1 person

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