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When lass you tek a whine? (the wait to winkup)

Can you hear me now? please don’t judge me it’s been a minute. I know some of you have been waiting with bated breath for my next article, but life got busy, and death had me broken so forgive me if it’s taken this long to get back to my people. In other news, how is everyone doing on year 2 of COVID the Remix? I honestly thought that 2021 would have been simpler…Ahhh …Negative! fooling my damn self! instead, January opened up like Groundhog day and needless to say, we have started all over again.

I imagine this has been just as hard on others as it has been on me, for those of us like myself who enjoy “catching flights”, this entire pandemic has probably cost some of us the most tragic meltdowns of all time, I will not tell a lie I’ve had a few, even though I did fly in the heart of COVID last year (that bad boy was not stopping me). Additionally, the carnival/soca warriors must be on a hospital drip considering it’s been two whole years since we have all attended a soca fete!

There I was gearing up to attend “D’ Breakfast Fete” with my friends in 2020, couldn’t wait to station myself at the doubles and hot cereal station, those were the highlights of my 2019 attendance I’ll have to say, the cream of wheat min nice! Since we skipped the original Breakfast fete in 2019 we were ready to hit the grass after a one-year absence, we had it all planned, Blue Jeans, Red Eye, Panorama, Duck Work, D’ Breakfast Fete, Breakfast Fete, Jouvert, we were ready! Once I had soca’d my life away I had planned to recoup and relax in beautiful Cabos San Lucas, Mexico with my bestie on our regular yearly girls trip, and then came COVID, Party Dun!

D’ Breakfast Fete

So This leads to the most important question; “When lass you tek a whine?”.

As we realized that Covid was here to stay, and we miserably accepted that there would be no carnival, no fetes, and no mas, some of the DJ’s took to social media to cheer us (as well as themselves) up by hosting live streams of music in every genre at night, in a brave attempt to take our minds away to another place and to make us feel like we were feting.

Truth be told, as much as I applauded their efforts I probably checked out two streams, and I was done. It wasn’t the same, the ambiance wasn’t there, I couldn’t dress up, my face hadn’t seen makeup in months (Fenty makeup haffu dry by now), my friends were MIA and I had zero prosecco in my refrigerator. Seriously, who wants to whine up in front of their mirror in their living room huffing and puffing, no one to crack jokes with, and sweating like a Hebrew slave only to realize not even bread shop you can go after because you under curfew and can’t leave your house till 6 am.

I gotta tell you I do miss planning my outfits and selecting my makeup and accessories for my favorite fetes! As the time drew nearer for carnival last year, I often reminisced on memories from different events, from entering Blue Jeans to the hot pulsating sounds of various DJ’s and guest artists on stage to the amazing food and drink stations at D’ Breakfast fete (I honestly think I’m sitting at the doubles station next year) to the sweet ole time Calypso music wafting through the pasture as you enter the original Breakfast fete, and let’s not forget the stream of soca artistes who show up on stage making us whine, sweat and get on like our parents didn’t teach us a shred of decent behavior.

Blue Jeans

Then there would be no RED EYE (I know those who know me understand my dilemma here). My die-hard K.E.S. junkie/attaché Sacha and I were doomed! We were not going to get to “mean mug” or push anyone from our spot at the front of the stage, there was no bribing the waiters to come to us because we wanted to be so close to KES that we could see his sweat droplets, it was a disaster of an awakening.

Red Eye

I miss seeing some of the usual fashion statement suspects who make the events even more fun and jovial, I can’t wait to see what some of you will rise from the ashes, in 2022. Let’s not forget the Panorama experience with the beautiful sounds of the steel pan competition, and the relaxed atmosphere of just being with friends, having drinks, and socializing into the deep hours of 2 am.

Breakfast Fete

Then I reminisced on Jouver’t morning in 2020, for the first time in over eight years I made a return to Jouver’t due to much persuasion by friends who shall remain nameless (you know who you are), I have to admit it was the best time I had had at Jouver’t in a long time, waking up at 3:00 am to get ready to go into town and dance and whine in the streets felt exhilarating! and even though my crew and I did not participate with any set band we sure did join as many as we could and had a blast. P.S. I still think it’s the dirtiest event of the carnival season..

Jouve’rt / Panorama

When Carnival Monday and Tuesday arrived, my sister and I idly took a mas route to drive around the streets of St. John’s listening to soca music and memorizing at exactly what point we would be at in the band had mas been played, it was quite a painful experience, to say the least…. no mas, no music, no wink up.

I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way, which leads me to wonder when and what type of new normal will be put in place when we do get to attend our beloved fetes and gatherings again?

I mean are we going to have to wash our hands before entering a fete? will we still have to wear masks? because let me tell you ain’t no way in hell am I getting my face beat to wear a mask.

Will we have to have our vaccination cards on us before entering a fete? will there be temperature checks? will they distribute hand sanitizers upon entry? will they give us cold sanitized towelettes instead of cold towels? will we be encased in small numbers inside of small pods 6 feet apart in the fete? will we be sprayed with some marvelous sanitized spray when we start to jump and wave? enquiring minds really wanna know!

One thing I do know is that many of us can’t wait to get back to normal, if it’s anything that this pandemic has taught us is that time is everything, and we really cannot take time, experiences, or people for granted in this life. So when the streets finally do open back up fully, and we hear the fetes being advertised, the carnival dates scheduled, the weekend gatherings back on stream, there will be dancing, there will be feting.

And on god, there will be some fool beggin us for a Whine!