About E!

“I Didn’t Wake Up Today To Be Mediocre”

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to “After The Party”! I’m Erica Lake, those closest to me call me “E”.  Yeah unfortunately my nickname isn’t that exciting, but I sure as hell am! I was born and raised in the tiny 108 square mile island called Antigua, located amongst the archipelago of other beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea. Yeah I live where you vacation! I was also educated in Barbados and London, so I guess I’m considered somewhat of an all rounder.

Growing up I was always  considered “mouthy” and somewhat of an entertainer, forever the life of the party. “I’m a Sagittarius, did you expect anything different?” As I entered my adult years I secretly wanted to become a radio personality (sassy people tend to like that occupation). However, I’ve always felt a calling to do something more with my love of writing and freedom of expression, hence, this is the beginning of my journey.

Incase most of you are wondering, (I know you are).  I came up with my blog name “After The Party” as a representation of my fellow peers and the slightly older generation who have long left their twenties and thirties but are now in the mid forty’s section of life. We don’t party the way we used to anymore, yet we still like to go out and have a good time, just at a slightly slower pace.

I’m here to give you fresh new experiences through my eyes and lips, by providing you with my own personal thoughts, and opinions on everyday life, trends, music, fashion, shows and life lessons in general.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them, until then….stay tuned!

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